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Can you tell me how much time is worth?

Now that I have your attention, how does an evening to yourself to be able to kick your feet up and drinking a glass of wine sound? Not to mention while knowing you got all your tasks/chores for the day or for the week done without even lifting a finger!

Now can you answer that question of how much “that time” is worth that you just saved and was able to enjoy? That’s what it feels like to live the Luxe Lifestyle that you deserve. By having a membership with Luxury Concierge by Luxe Monroe you can enjoy that “priceless” time and peace of mind in no time.

Our unique packages and membership options are discounted which are tailored to meet any budget to satisfy our client’s needs and wants. After every task initiated and completed, you will receive a detailed statement of your hours, account status and copy of your receipt (if applicable) to help you manage your account.  As our client, we are here for you; if you have any questions, comments and/or concerns we are only one email, text or phone call away.

Not sure if you want to lock into a membership just yet? You have the option to pay as you go.

Our hourly rate is $40/hour + tax, with an initial buy-in of (2) hours, any additional hours will be billed to the customer at the completion of the service. After the (2) hour billing all clients will be billed in 30 minute increments.

Monthly Memberships

*All prices will be in addition to 6.875% Sales Tax

Luxe Hour Packages


*includes 5 free hours


*includes 10 free hours


*includes 10 free hours


*includes 15 free hours

**Hour Packages can only be applied to one service category (Virtual or A La Carte).

***Hours can be rolled over to the next month,  however they do expire after 90 days from purchase. 

****Booking hours for the Hours Packages are Mon-Sat| 7am-10pm.

***** All prices will be in addition to 6.875% Sales tax.

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